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01 What is the keyboard shortcut for "Cut"
Ctrl+x  -OR-  Command-x
Ctrl+x -OR- Command-x
Ctrl+c  -OR-  Command-c
Ctrl+c -OR- Command-c
Ctrl+v  -OR-  Command-v
Ctrl+v -OR- Command-v
Ctrl+z  -OR-  Command-z
Ctrl+z -OR- Command-z
Ctrl+y  -OR-  Command-y
Ctrl+y -OR- Command-y
Ctrl+n  -OR-  Command-n
Ctrl+n -OR- Command-n
Ctrl+w  -OR-  Command-w
Ctrl+w -OR- Command-w
Ctrl+p  -OR-  Command-p
Ctrl+p -OR- Command-p
Ctrl+a  -OR-  Command-a
Ctrl+a -OR- Command-a
Ctrl+t  -OR-  Command-t
Ctrl+t -OR- Command-t
Ctrl+f  -OR-  Command-f
Ctrl+f -OR- Command-f
Ctrl+s  -OR-  Command-s
Ctrl+s -OR- Command-s
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