What Superpower Would You Have In A Parallel Universe?

Find out your superpower! Would you fly, would you be able to read minds? Find out right now! :3

Created by Lima
On Apr 9, 2020

How do you feel when you have to meet new people?(I know that's a boring one)

You really want to kill someone. How are you gonna do this?

If you could be any of these, which one would you choose?

Which one of these is the most interesting fact for you?

What is your eye color?

And the last one, what is your representing tarot card?



Congratulations! You are translated to a loyal creature who can fly! You can go wherever you want, you can discover new lands, all on your own! You can be independent and you are a full dreamer! And, the best part; you can choose your own wings model!



You are a calm person at exterior-and the most powerful one in the interior. You're hiding a big centre of black magic in you! You can move things, you can translate spells and you can teleport! You have the same powers as Raven from Teen Titans, or Syndra.